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Website Edit


Website edit is something that should be done at least every six months. This is an opportunity to take a dive into your current website and see what adjustments need to be made. Clients use your website as an additional way to find out information about your business. Making sure your website is up to date is vital for your success. With the website edit, we will be looking at making sure you have a consistent story online as well as in person. Websites are often used as a marketing tool, ensuring this tool is up-to-date will help you grow your clientele.


  • Current website meets all your needs

  • Services offered on the website match what you offer in your service menu

  • Do you want to offer online booking?

  • Do you want to sell retail online?

  • Do you have a sign-up page on your website for new or existing clients?

  • Are you doing email campaigns?



Cost is based on how much time is needed to edit your current website.


Companion Services

Service Menu

Your service menu and your website should have the same story. this is a great time to dive into your current service menu and ensuring your communication with your future and current clients is seamless. The service menu edit might be necessary to complete that story.


Marketing Plan

Having a marketing plan in place is important to let your clients know about future upcoming events, product launches, and new services you might be offering. Using an email campaign through your website is an additional way to communicate with your clients. Having this set up in place ahead of time will take the guesswork out of it.