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Social Media


Social media has become an invalid form of free marketing, it also has become a vital part of how we do business today. Utilizing social media will not only help you stay in contact with your current clients, but it will also help you gain new clients. Social media should be used as a tool to communicate to you following instantaneously about what’s going on in your place of business.


  • Edit current social media accounts

  • Create social media 12-month promotional plan

  • Create a posting calendar

  • Create pre-made social media post for a promotional calendar

  • 12 custom holiday post

  •  Custom highlight wallpaper/icons

  • Create a daily checklist for social media posting

  • Create an online/social media booking option.



Cost is based on how detailed of a social media plan that is developed

Companion Services

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan and your social media plan should mirror each other. Creating two strong plans to communicate with your clientele of events, specials, and sales going on in your spa will help drive business and revenue.


Service Menu

Being able to communicate in your social media about your services that are offered is vital. Creating a sense of urgency and buzz around your business. Creating an exciting service menu and sharing that on your social media will entice new clients to book with you.