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Service Menu


The service menu is used in a variety of ways for your business. It can be used as a business card, a follow up for the current client, or take him for a future client to decide on what services would be most beneficial. Your service menu should reflect who you are as a brand as well as the goals you would like to achieve to make your client feel their best. The service menu creates a story to entice your ideal client to book with you.



  • Create a story about your brand that the customer can connect with.

  • Design the layout of the service menu.

  • Design treatment descriptions based from the services that are offered

  • Price comparison to other business in your area, to create a price point based on the cost of doing treatments and on your ROI per treatment.




Cost is based on your area (your area your competition breakdown might be more comprehensive compared to other areas), how many treatments you offer, how many product lines you carry.

Companion Items

Website Edit

With a new service menu, a website edit might be necessary. Your service menu may also send your clients to your website to book online, you want to ensure your website and your service menu have the same information.


Retail Planning

With the new service menu, retail planning may be necessary. What products do you carry, do they match what you’re currently offering in your treatment room? Are you carrying enough inventory, do you have inventory management system? Also, does your retail display entice your customers to purchase?