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Retail Planning


Retail is a big part of your revenue and will help your salon or spa be successful if done right. Retail not only bridges the gap between the treatment room, or salon station it also helps with your bottom line. This is going to be a large investment, in the beginning, therefore, having a plan in place will not only help you succeed in your retail goals it will ensure you that you don’t have inventory that isn't necessary.


  • Are you carrying the right products for your spa or salon?

  • How much retail should you have on hand?

  • Inventory management.

  • Reordering process.

  • Retail display

  • Tester placement

  • Sampling

  • Backbar



Cost is based on if you have current inventory to start with or if you are starting from the beginning.

Companion Services

Service Menu

Now that you have your retail plan in place, this is where your service menu would be created around your current curated retail. Your service menu is an extended point of sale for your retail.


Website Edit

This is a great time to decide if you’re going to include online ordering through your website. Your treatment descriptions reflect your current retail. And also, does it connect to the current services that you offer.