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Marketing Plan


A marketing plan is a vital part of the growth of your business.  Creating promotional campaigns are designed to stimulate sales and increase revenue while helping you grow your clientele. The goal is to create incentives that motivate the consumer to act. Promotions can range from service based, membership and product discounts, BOGOs, flash sales. Plans can be customized based on the size and need for your business


  • Develop a monthly promotional plan

  • Create service and product sales

  • Devise tracking strategy

  • Create social media ads and sales

  • Develop a loyalty program

  • Create a referral program

  • Design memberships



Cost is based on the size of the plan that is put together.

Companion Services

Social Media

Once you have your marketing plan in place this is an opportunity to connect your social media to that current plan. Social media plays a big part of business these days and having a plan in place will not only take the guessing game out of it, but it will also feel less overwhelming if you know what you should be posting ahead of time. Connecting it to your current marketing plan will not only communicate to your current clientele of things going on, but it’s also a great way to drive new business.


Retail Planning

Will your marketing plan include your retail products? Making sure that you have enough inventory to have a successful plan in place will only ensure your success.