Skincare is my passion but my why as an esthetician has turned into helping you become the most successful in your business.  Sometimes you need a little help to refine your sales goals, maybe it’s client management or your not sure where to start and you're afraid of making a costly mistake. I want to help minimize your learning curve. We want to give you the support, tools, and motivation you need to cut down on the hardships of starting, building and growing a thriving beauty business.

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One on One Mentoring

About Our Mentoring Program

Are you a spa business owner or an esthetician and you’re looking to grow your business and you’re not quite sure where to start?  In our one on one mentoring program, we will take a deep dive into your business to find areas of opportunity.  We will create an action plan, a step-by-step guide to getting you to where you want to be in your business. With weekly and monthly check inns to ensure that you’re staying on task and reaching your goals.  We offer in person as well as virtual mentoring programs. All programs are custom designed for you to meet all your goals. 


12-month commitment required


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Sales Training

About Our Sales Training

Sales training is a vital part of your spa business and creating a comfortable and motivating sales environment is necessary to help your staff reach its sales goals and targets. By reviewing your current sales targets, we can find areas of opportunity to help your staff grow their retail and service goals. Sales training will give your staff a simple, workable approach to selling and hitting sales targets. We offer in person as well as virtual sales training. Keeping staff enthusiastic about retailing is the goal of the sales training module.