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Business Operations


Business operations are the backbone of your spa or salon, and it should be one of the first things that you put in place for your new business, if you are an existing business this could be an area of opportunity to find potential new growth for your business. Knowing The who, what, when and why will ensure that you are establishing a strong foundation. For both new and existing business this where you will find your day-to-day tools for not only your employees but also to ensure that your guest experience is what you have imagined for your business. Your business operations should set the tone of how you want your business to run. 


  • Market research of your area

  • Price point comparison of comparable business in your area

  • Retail and service strategy

  • Sales and service goals

  • Job descriptions and expectations

  • Opening and closing duties



Cost is based on how much time spent in creating your ideal business plan

Companion Services

Retail Plan

Setting up at retail plan during your business operations planning phase will only help with a seamless transition with not only your staff. Ensuring that they are familiar with the retail, retail display, and inventory will help them be more successful in selling and talking about product and services.


Marketing Plan

Once you have your business operations in place, setting up a marketing plan for the next 12 months of business will give you direction on what actions need to be put into places such as retail, services, employee staffing, and inventory management. Setting up your marketing plan will give you a clear action plan.